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The recent protest in Hong Kong, named "Umbrella Revolution", has been on the headlines around the globe. I respect different views and keep an open mind as freedom of expression is the heart of Hong Kong's beauty. I would not judge others but I have my strongly held stance that I will hold on to. As a native to Hong Kong, I have a sentimental knot tied to this adorable city. I am proud of being a Hongkonger, but honestly, not Chinese.

Hong Kong is my birth place and I spent my childhood under British colonial rule. To some, the history of Hong Kong may merely be a small piece of the world’s big puzzle. But to me, Hong Kong’s evolution is a legacy we are very proud of. Starting out as a fishing village, it later evolved into an entrepot of strategic importance and eventually an international financial centre. Hong Kong’s success is largely dependent on its free market economy. The affluence that those tycoons are enjoying today depends on Hong Kong’s unique attributes of justice and freedom.

For decades, Hong Kong prides itself on its freedom of speech and assembly – a freedom that makes it stands out from mainland China. The culture of Hong Kong is a law-abiding and orderly society. The student protest and the Occupy Central movement were to demand the National People’s Congress (NPC) to retract its decision on Hong Kong’s electoral system made on August 31 and to re-launch the political reform process. The NPC’s recent decision puts China in a breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration. It also violates the international human rights law. If we are to uphold law and order, we have legitimate reason to fight for Hong Kong’s future.

It is inevitable any protest will cause disruption to local businesses, logistics, transportation and ultimately the economy. The essence of this movement is to arouse international attention and power of the press worldwide to exert pressure for a constructive dialogue between the government and the citizens. It would not be an easy time for Hong Kong society but neither would it be easy for the protestors who sacrificed their time in study, work and leading a normal life.

We cannot rule out the possibility that there may be some bystanders who utilize the opportunity to create a chaos but the majority of the protestors are passionate yet peaceful. We were praised by the world media of a "Hong Kong style" protest - disciplined, orderly, modest, clean, supportive, selflessness, no looting, no riots. We condemn any unnecessary violence and misconduct. We are on the international radar and how we behave represents Hong Kong.

Please do not put the blame on protestors for social disorder. If the government is willing to engage in an open dialogue, the protest will not happen in the first place. The government should be held accountable.

Students are the pillars of our future. Education is not merely about achieving excellent grades. More importantly, education should nurture acumen and develop moral principles to lead a life as a responsible individual. We attempt not because we are certain we will succeed. We succeed because we attempted.

If we continue to turn a blind eye to the political crisis we are facing now, and the only focus is on the short-term monetary aspects, we would expect our future generation will be living in a city with jeopardized rights and restrained freedom. Hong Kong’s privileged position in the world’s economy, that has taken our predecessors all the efforts to build, will eventually be lost.

It is heartbreaking seeing friends holding opposing views about the recent protests to argue against each other. Mutual respect and understanding is the foundation of true friendships. If we could not tolerate different views, relationships fall apart easily. In challenging times like this, we should be more united than ever. It is the determination for the truth and the caring hearts of Hongkongers that makes Hong Kong a beautiful home we love.   


fairdinkum - 2014年10月03日 12:02

Good on you!  Well said.

Liberphile - 2014年10月03日 13:00

In challenging an unjust social system, the students act as moral agents trying to help ordinary Hongkongers, who are moral subjects regardless of their attitudes towards the Umbrella Revolution, secure a better future for themselves and their children.  In times like this, moral sentiments trump utilitarian reasoning.  The choice is clear: we should stand on the side of the egg! 


Let's all give the students a big round of applause for their courage to rise to the occasion and for their willingness to make sacrifices.  No doubt Hong Kong is a beautiful home we love.  But keep in mind that such beauty does not come free.  It is precisely for this reason that we should persist in our efforts to fight for true democracy by giving the students the help they need to succeed. 



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