What is culture?

I guess lots friend is very interested in the subject of "Culture". Let me try to put it in a simple explanation.

To the mainlanders, it is a business of making more money. To some officials, it is a way of flamboyant showmanship. To a retarded government of  greed, vanity and blind ambition, a collapsed rooftop of greenery is the best representation of them all. 


Ten of the best rooftop in the world:



巨浪 - 2017年01月08日 16:31

人間悲劇 = W9




PBrega - 2017年01月08日 17:07

Sorry, can't read Chinese, use English please.

靜靜一天 - 2017年01月08日 17:47


Liberphile - 2017年01月08日 19:36

Simply put, culture refers to the way members of a society do things.  A society has a morally corrupt culture if its members generally do not value the existence of moral standards and tend to disregard rules of ethical behavior. Merely emphasizing the rule of law is no guarantee for preventing a culture from becoming morally corrupt because what is considered legal in practice is not necessarily ethical in principle.

PBrega - 2017年01月08日 22:23

That'a why Republicans cannot kick the ethics committee out of Congress.



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