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Top 10 Tech Trends For 2018, by Sarwant Singh at February 1, 2018.

4. Flying Cars Reach for the Skies

Get ready to throw out the conventional road safety rule book. You might not have to check skywards just yet when you cross the road, but flying cars are getting ready to ruffle some feathers (and it’s not just birds we are talking about!). Numerous competitors laid the groundwork in 2017, testing their flying vehicle models, with more expected in 2018. The biggest leap forward in this space, and in the public’s popular imagination, will be the much anticipated launch of a flying taxi service in Dubai this summer. Expect more buzz worthy investments as awareness becomes more widespread.


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  1. 網站編輯或網站作家開題,網友可回應。回應必須貼題,請勿重覆;勿發表誹謗,人身攻擊或不雅內容。
  2. 網站編輯有權發表或不發表網友張貼的內容。(請參閱議論守則)
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