Mirror, mirror on my wall, A question & I have questions more

thoughts of a man in his 70's ...

"Mirror, Mirror on My Wall"

-- by Frank C Yue

Mirror, mirror on my wall,

A question, and I have questions more...


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

Don't hide anything from me at all.

You always reflect the truth,

Just who is this guy I see in you?


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

Why do I look different from before?

Mirror, will you tell me why,

Myself in you I can't recognize? 


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

My hair is thin, sparse and hoar,

The firmness of my skin has gone,

M'eyelids are drooping, and my teeth, worn.


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

Why am I shorter than before?

My eyesight is getting weaker,

The miles in my daily walk longer.


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

In you I see m'father more and more.

In my face someone'd ploughed deep furrows,

What would happen in "the tomorrows"?


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

Why is my body aching and sore?

Where is the sparkle in my eye?

Where are the things I cannot find?


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

On m'mind there ae scores of questions more...

O, gone where has my youthful face?

Is it in another time and space?


Mirror, mirror on my wall,

Why don't you answer me at all?

I look at you at least twice a day,

May Faith, Hope, Love come our way ev'ryday.


-- poem written at sea on April 7, 2018 on board the ms KONINGSDAM whilst on a 14-day cross-Atlantic cruise with my better half from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome. (only USD 50/day/person; airfares extra)  :)



七月星 - 2018年04月16日 09:13



看著帶有魚尾紋的眼角, 黑髪底下看到一絲絲的留白. 眼睛閃耀著充滿智慧的目光, 嘴角永遠展現滿足的笑意. 舉手投足, 自然又鬆容. 不用伏案寫字樓, 不用穿有踭皮鞋. 反之整天可穿平底鞋, 遊走港九新界日行萬五步. 膝痛竟不藥而愈. 現在邁開腳步, 上下樓梯竟回到十八歳的彈跳力, 天啊! 身手原來是可以回春的!

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 09:21

講開又要問一問, 歐洲遊輪只USD50/day是否有條件的呢? 這麼便宜嗎?

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 09:42

十年無去過歐洲了, 現在竟平過去大陸. 世事變遷巨大, 資訊追不到. 怪不得加澳班老友常常往歐洲遊輪擠了. 

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 09:47

但想到飛那來回二程飛機, 十幾個鐘頭便搖頭了! 若發展了民用穿梭機, 去那裏最長只化二小時航程才真是人類的壯舉呢!

羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 11:17

hi, ty, 7 moon star!

srry i can't write chinese on this computer. (i should buy a cheap chin. writing pad from the mall.)

congrats. on ur youthful return to a more energetic u!   our chronological age is just a number. 

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 11:31


羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 11:33

the ultra cheap cruise fare is no secret, since many cruise lines have to "re-position" their fleet annually in late march from the caribbean to the mediterranean. we just boarded our ship in mid-voyage, so to speak. there's no strings attached. it was not full -- the prices keep falling closer to the sailing date, and we paid a relatively small sum to get upgraded from an inside stateroom to a larger one with ocean view.

but u will have to put with the new crew who were mostly still under training. the cruise ships then do the "reverse re-positioning" voyages in october, from europe back to the caribbean. hahaa, v good news for retirees with some money and time on their hands!      

羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 11:38

as far as i know, only holland america cruise ships have daily mass on board. the passengers are mostly middle aged and elderly (unlike the celebrity, carnival or princess lines).   

羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 11:40

do try the 6-star oceania with top quality services and food but they charge u top dollars too. 

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 11:42

No worries Uncle Yu! To me, English language is for business communication while Chinese is for expressing my heart and mind. 

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 11:48

Just curious, I haven't got any plans yet.

羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 22:02

o, don't get me wrong: my saying i can't write in chnese here just means i can't  express myself freely n fully, as if i m speaking cantonese. (it has nothing to do with ur english comprehension at all.)


羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 22:16

there was another holland america ship that did the same crossing in early april.

as an example -- for their return re-positioning voyage, my wife n i now have our eyes fixed on the ms OOSTERDAM, an older ship on which we had cruised before. if u have time, check out expedia: www.bookingbuddy.com, the ship is scheduled to make a 14-night transatlantic crossing from barcelona to fort lauderdale on sat., oct. 27, 2018. the original price was USD 1,999 per person. it is now USD 999, or USD 71/night/person. check on this periodically, n u will see the price dropping, eventually probably to about USD 50/night/person -- again. (but u should buy ur air tickets early, their prices increase quickly as ur planned departure date approaches.)

great bargain!  

七月星 - 2018年04月16日 22:35

Thank you Uncle Yu and will explore. 


Good night!

羨魚 - 2018年04月16日 23:00

good night n sleep tight!

we may yet meet abroad a certain cruise ship.




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