New type of audio streaming standard emerging

I have come across a new audio streaming broadcast via the internet and its quality is way way above that of FM broadcast. And if the source is DVD or CD quality, the reception is almost exactly that of the original source.
If you listen to RTHK there is a new choice of HQ audio transmission (besides media player and real player). It was a pleasant surprise to listen to quality broadcast at 128kbps which is close to DVD quality with no typical FM hissing sound.

This is what I have found out so far:

1. You need to hook up your computer to a decent stereo amplifier and speakers. Ideally your computer output should be in digital form (HDML or optical output to a computer capable of handling digital signal). This is ideal (only) as I am quite satisfied with analogue output to a top of the line analogue amplifier. Of course better quality sound card helps too.
2. So far Win 7 or Mac or Ubuntu do work 80% of the time. XP has problem
3. The technology is still iffy for a technically challenged person. For Win7 it is slightly easier but not 100% guarantee each time. For Ubuntu , which is what I have , I need to enter into the terminal (./OctoshapeClient) basically forcing the computer to execute the program.

You may go through the following regarding the new type (emerging) of audio streaming:


Daniel - 2011年03月10日 01:22

...... then click listen
This one (out of many) is a good and free source

samueln - 2011年03月10日 01:24

我用 winxp Isobuster toolbar, RTHK streaming steady stereo and works fine. ok, 再無要求。

Daniel - 2011年03月10日 02:08

...samueln... Did you select HQ?

Also you will not know the difference if you do not hook up your computer with a decent stereo system. The point that I want to make is that it makes a lot of difference in quality (if you are listening to newer recording in CD or DVD).

周容 - 2011年03月10日 02:51

Daniel - 2011年03月10日 03:57

.......[[周容 .... try this. How do you think?]]
Hey thanks. Yes. That is the type of dynamic range I am looking for. broadcast gives you floor-shaking range too. And all these are free so far.

周容 - 2011年03月10日 04:15

I was told there are more than sixty songs. Enjoy!

samueln - 2011年03月10日 08:38

Daniel hing, just don't know what IsoBuster did to it during installation, haha ! Ain't no audio fans, my Cu-crystal lined Hi-Fi set has been idling for over 10years. Anyway, I will check RTHK's site later about the new HQ transmission.

I use Winamp most of the time.

壹一 - 2011年03月10日 15:03

Want is the codec???

壹一 - 2011年03月10日 15:05

Use open standard Ogg Vorbis and support HTML5.

壹一 - 2011年03月10日 15:10

Ogg Vorbis
Ogg 的音频编码,质量非常优秀,特别是低码率下,支持多声道。最高码率能够达到 500kbps,是 AAC 的有力竞争者。


samueln - 2011年03月10日 20:37

當初好少人用 ogg ,宜家應該多 D 喇。係正架 !

Daniel - 2011年03月10日 21:21

.....[[[samueln 當初好少人用 ogg ,宜家應該多 D 喇。係正架 !]]
RTHK (或其他無線電頻道) 去用先有用假

RTHK- HQ transmission uses the software by The benefit of it as detailed in Octoshape's site are:

Audience benefits
With Octoshape users experience the highest quality video streaming available on the Internet today:
1. Instant On
2. Fast Channel Switching
3. No Buffering
4. HD Quality Video
5. Adaptive Bit Rate
Broadcaster benefits
Octoshape is trusted by the largest brands to deliver enhanced quality of service streaming beyond the edge network:
1. Affordable, Sustainable streaming
2. HD Quality Streaming
3. Proven Scalability
4. Precise Real Time Reporting
5. Improved source signal aquisition
CDN benefits
Our CDN partners have excelled in delivering the largest events
on the Internet:
1. Dramatically Reduce Bandwidth
2. Reduce Hardware Footprint
3. Deploy More Centrally
4. Balanced Network Load
5. Congestion Avoidance

壹一 - 2011年03月10日 23:37

I hate propri plugin.

Daniel - 2011年03月11日 03:26

......[[[壹一.. I hate propri plugin.]
At least it is free for users like Acrobat readers for reading pdf file. But once it dominates the market, they will not hesitate to charge for so-called premium features



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