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他曾是謝瑞麟行政總裁,之前成立的科技公司,在英國上市,他也是「天使投資者」(angel investor),曾經投資的公司,遍布東京、三藩市、紐約及巴西等地。











黎自立 - 2012年01月28日 07:11


~WF~ - 2012年01月28日 10:40



Spa - 2012年01月29日 08:28

Jesus used that analog because he knew the Jews very well. You have to talk to them in money terms.
I myself found that story quite puzzling. It is the worst analog that Jesus had ever made. Now this story can be used to glorify money making.
Interest in Jewish tradition (being a Jew, Jesus most probably also ahered to this) is quite complicated.

"The combination of loans and interest, in Judaism, is a complicated and detailed subject. The biblical Hebrew terms for interest are neshekh (Heb.: נשך), literally meaning a bite, and marbit/tarbit (Heb.: מרבית/תרבית), which specifically refers to the gain by the creditor[1]; neshekh referred to interest that was charged by deducting it from the loaned money itself, before the loaned money was handed over to the debtor, while marbit/tarbit referred to interest that was charged by adding it to the amount due to be repaid[2]. The word marbit/tarbit, which referred to the form of interest more familiar in modern times, became ribbit (Heb.: ריבית), in later Hebrew, and hence in modern Hebrew. Similar to the Arabic word Riba used in the Quran.
The Torah and Talmud encourage the granting of loans if they do not involve interest, with certain exceptions. Charging interest is classed in the Book of Ezekiel as being among the worst sins, and is forbidden according to Jewish law. The Talmud dwells particularly on Ezekiel's condemnation of interest, where Ezekiel denounces it as an abomination, and metaphorically portrays usurers as people who have shed blood." (Wikipedia)
This is also one of the reasons why the Muslims are not allowed to charge interest. Islam, Judaism and Christianity all believe in the Abrahamic God.
Watch out when you talk about "interest".

PBrega - 2012年01月29日 10:49

I recommend the $25 Raspberry Pi computer for charity use. It can be made a damn good web terminal. You can also find something more cheaper from mainland on Linux platform.

Spa - 2012年01月29日 14:26

「用番《聖經》裏管家的比喻,古仔關鍵在於你唔知道主人幾時回家,... 」
I do not think that this is the 關鍵 in that story.

Spa - 2012年01月29日 19:17

I salute to 黃岳永 for his hard efforts in providing resources to students from poor families.

金钱自主 - 2012年01月29日 22:31

Spa's extraction about Hebrewish intepretation/definition andcontraction on 'interest' application is very interesting. To my uneducated (although I was dubbed as a 'educated fool' by Spa's comrade) understanding on muslim's forbidence on interest applicaton to loan, it is something like 'unscrupulous' profit-- the creditor must be paid regardless the debtor gets a profit or a loss from the loan. However, had the writer of Quran had a bit of modern financial concept, he should not have denounced interest. It is because 'interest' on loan is not 'risk free'-- there is a default risk pertaining to the debtor's creditability. There can be a 'haircut' to a lesser extend or a total loss in the extreme case.
Interest on loan is not 'unscrupulous'.

In modern financial concept, equity participation as a shareholder, and loan provider as a creditor are important sources of fund and are returned with corresponding pay back, interest and dividend+capital gain respectively. Both are fair deals.

By making such a long message above, I just want to raise a question to Spa. How did he apply his '票債票換‘ campaign, being an endorsor when he and his comrades tried to make a profit ( get publicity and applause) without any 'risk' (with short political history and no track record). Such a action was definitely unscrupulous. Was it not 'as an abomination, and metaphorically portrays usurers as people who have shed blood'.

Spa - 2012年01月29日 23:43

I am not a follower of any religion, particularly the Abrahamic religions. But it does not mean that I would not read and learn from their scriptures, which contain many wisdom, as part of the heritage of human civilization. This also applies to Taoism, Buddhism and ... .
Taking religions of more than 2000 years old as absolute truth would unavoidable cause some conflictions with modern daily life. Then it is where the pastors/priests would step in to interpret the scriptures in a smoothing way (or what Einstein called the "oily words of the clergyman").
But unfortunately, Abrahamic religions do not talk about fair deals because they believe in the mighty power of their God, not human justice; otherwise how could they take Abraham's action of slaying his son as a model of faith?
I am also not a follower of any political parties including 人民力量 .

The so call "泛民" especially 民主黨 is a bunch of hypocrites. What they and their supports said against 人民力量 can equally be reflected and applied to them. So you can see that I often write with the ending remark of "Same same".
民主黨 and its allies turned away from their election promise. Then it was not surprising to see 人民力量 would ask for '票債票償'. One simply cannot eat one's cake and have it too.
Any action would be associated with a certain amount of risk.
The democratic progress in Taiwan also came with risks but so far it seems that it has paid off. Both KMT and 民進黨 (including the initial "disruptive" phase) have contributed.



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