The Beijing Kid

An excerpt from one of today's Bloomberg newsfeed. There are criminals of conscience.

One defendant, Ning Guo, 38, of China, was known as “The Beijing Kid,” prosecutors said. He was also charged separately with a ring investigated by the FBI. That group is accused of importing more than $25 million in counterfeit goods and using a front company, set up by agents, that acted as an importer.

The arrest complaints quote dozens of secretly recorded conversations, including one between Hai Yan Jiang, 32, of Richardson, and Lin Wu, 43, of Maspeth, New York. They discussed importing counterfeit cosmetics, and Wu asked if the products would be safe, according to their arrest complaint.

Yan said the cosmetics were “counterfeit, but of good quality,” adding: “All I care about is to make money, other things do not matter.”

When Wu said “business needs to be done with a clear conscience,” Yan replied, “Then go be a monk.”

The Beijing Kid



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