Top 10 Tech Trends For 2018, by Sarwant Singh at February 1, 2018.

8. Brand Youth as Politics Undergoes a Generational Shift

Justin Trudeau is perhaps the most recognizable among a new generation of political leaders from around the world—New Zealand to North Korea, and Austria to Saudi Arabia—who are redefining politics as usual. While some of these new leaders champion political views stereotypical of their generation, others have veered towards more conventional ideas. The emergence of these young leaders marks a watershed: it will signal either a rising tide of millennial leaders, or will relegate these early entrants to a short-lived experiment with change.


回應{腥風血雨,佔中圍城}: According to the unacceptable events occurred, I am so glad and so happy to extend this topic heading until 2018 Universal Suffrage for PM. In the next time, the same topic will be extended until 2022 Universal Suffrage for 人大. FYI.